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Academic Editor Responsibilities

 Academic Editors oversee the peer review process from beginning to end, taking responsibility for conducting an initial assessment based on our publication policies , finding and inviting reviewers, evaluating their feedback, making editorial decisions, and communicating decisions to authors. Academic Editors play an active role in the community, and are highly engaged as representatives of UJPR.

To ensure an efficient peer review process for our authors, our Academic Editors strive to:

  • Agree to handle one to two new manuscript assignments per month 
  • Handle each manuscript assignment from first assessment to final decision
  • Respond to manuscript invitations (Accept or Decline) within two days
  • Assess whether the manuscript is suitable for peer review within four days of agreeing to the invitation
  • Secure two or more reviewers on manuscripts that are suitable for review
  • Submit a decision within four days of receipt of the complete reviews
  • Adhere to editorial best practices to maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity, confidentiality, and impartiality

UJPR is inviting qualified researchers from pharmaceutical or allied research area to join as members of the editorial team. If you are interested in serving as  an Academic Editor, kindly send us your resume with recent passport size photo to- [email protected]

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