Subscription Policy

  • The subscription charges are for the print edition of the journal and are not linked to online access which is offered free of cost.
  • Subscription must be prepaid. Orders will be processed only upon the realization of full subscription amount
  • Subscription rates for UJPR are reviewed yearly and come into effect on 1 January for that year corresponding January to December subscription.
  • The right to amend/change access and subscription policies rests with UJPR.
  • Indian Libraries/Institutes are required to place the order on the letter head of the institute.
  • Change of address of dispatch should be intimated to UJPR at least 2 months prior to the dispatch schedule as per the frequency by mentioning subscriber id.
  • To subscribe, please contact us at:  [email protected]

Payment Policy

  • Mode of Payment: At par cheque, Demand draft, RTGS/NEFT, PayPal, and Western Union. 
  • Once the order is processed, fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Rates and conditions are subject to changes and at the time of receipt of an order the latest rates and conditions are applicable.
  • Rates outside India will include speed delivery charges.

Lost Issue Claims

Please note the following when applying for lost or missing issues  

  • Claims for print copies lost will be honored only after 45 days of the dispatch date and before publication of the next issue as per the frequency.
  • Tracking id for the speed post will be provided to all our subscribers and the claims for the missing copy will be entertained only with the proofs which will be verified at both the ends.
  • Claims filed due to incomplete address or no prior notice of change of address will not be honored.
  • Requests for refund will not be entertained.

Legal Disputes

All the legal disputes are subjected to Delhi, India Jurisdiction only.