Ques.1. How could an author submit a manuscript for publication in this journal?

Answer: Anybody can submit their articles by online system. But in case of problem by online submission system please inform and submit mauscript as an e-mail attachments to [email protected]

Ques.2. How much time it takes for review process?

Answer:It takes 8-10 days for peer review process of any paper.

Ques.3. How long would it take for a manuscript to be published in the journal after being accepted?

Answer: Less than 3 months.

Ques.4. Can I be reviewer in UJPR?

Answer: Yes, UJPR welcomes scientists from academia, industry, government to be part of review panel. The scientists are requested to send their updated resume to the editor for approval.

Ques.5. How many authors are allowed in a article?

Answer: Not more than eight authors should be included in one article.